Toy Story 4 pinball machine | Collectors Edition



Jersey Jack Toy Story Pinball machine. Collectors Edition. Our Retail is $15,750 which includes CC processing fees and handling . This purchase is non refundable. Game will ship in next 2 weeks. This is the last one we have.

The game includes the following:

3 Flippers

red powdercoated ramps

a spinning disc with awards

a jump ramp to launch the ball

an LCD on the playfield, partly used to emulate a digital pinball game

a popup doll head

four popbumpers

a topper with rotating discs that reveal images

sideblade artwork

a captive ball


Exclusive Limited Edition Art Package by John Youssi

Imagination Blue Powder Coated Armor

Individually Numbered LE Plate – Limited to 5,000 Units

Custom Voice Narration by Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear)

Pinball Version of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman

27″ Backbox LCD Display With Scenes From The Movie

10″ Carnival Game LCD Playfield Display

120 Watt 2.1 Stereo Sound System with Subwoofer

300+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs

JJP Exclusive HotRail Lighting System

Star Adventurer RGB LED Stunt Deck Marquee

Duke Caboom Stunt Ramp with Benson Posts

Gabby Gabby Pop-Up Mech

Second Chance Antique Store Mystery Scoop

“Take A Chance” Spinning Wheel Mechanism

Road Trip Physical 3-Ball Lock with Drop Target

5 FORKY Targets • 4 Buzz Pop Bumpers

2 Woody and Bo Peep Spinners – 1 Captive Ball

Shaker Motor & Invisiglass

Photo Booth Camera

Wi-Fi Enabled + Bluetooth Audio


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