F-14 pinball machine



F-14 pinball machine

F-14 Pinball Machine Online: F-14 tomcat changed into produced by Williams digital games, inc. (wms, 1985-2000) in 1987. Williams’s digital games, inc. (wms, 1985-2000) launched eighty-five exclusive machines in our database beneath this alternate call, beginning in 1985.

Different machines made with the aid of Williams digital video games, inc. (wms, 1985-2000) all through the time period f-14 tomcat was produced consisting of the fireplace! huge guns, space station, millionaire, fire, pinot, street kings, tic tac strike, joust 2: survival of the fittest, and pin*bot.

Vap’s arcade/coin-op f-14 tomcat census

There are 12,186 members of the vintage arcade preservation society, nine,565 of who participate in our arcade census task of games owned, wanted, or for sale. Census facts presently include 160,268 machines (6,708 unique titles).

Very common – there are about 92 recognized instances of this device presumably owned through our cutting-edge and past individuals. More are probably owned by non-contributors. 30 of those machines are owned with the aid of our energetic f-14 tomcat collectors. And of those, 30 are authentic devoted machines

On the market – there is one lively vapes member with an f-14 tomcat system on the market.

Desired – there are 2 energetic vapes individuals presently searching out an f-14 tomcat.

F-14 Pinball Machine Online, At any given time, our energetic members are listed as vapes on a common of 4,400 video games they’re searching out, and three, six hundred games for sale.

This sport ranks 11 on a scale out of one hundred (a hundred = most often seen, 1 least commonplace) in popularity based totally on census ownership data.

This game ranks eight on a scale out of a hundred (a hundred = most usually desired, 1 least common) in popularity based totally on census need list statistics.


  1. F-14 tomcat operations guide fifty-five pages, 16 MB record.

Foto-finder® (books)

  1. Arcade treasures, Kurtz (ISBN 088740619x): web page: 156; color photo; charge guide: 1994
  2. Pinball compendium: 1982 to offer, Shalhoub (ISBN


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