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Buy Doctor Who Pinball Machine: Doctor Who Pinball device become launched in 1992. It is based on the British sci-fi television series which has been in production due to the fact 1963. The sport itself functions the primary seven “docs” that appeared within the title function. Every physician is related to an exceptional playfield scoring function and can be decided on by way of the participant at some point in sports development.

The primary feature of the Doctor Who Pinball gadget is the Time Expander unit. It’s miles a shifting mechanism with different stages. Players are challenged to lock balls and collect targets, main up to the game’s most important multi-ball mode. The Time Expander mini-playfield raises and lowers for the duration of play. In its lowest function (degree 1), the kick-out holes are accessible. In its middle role (stage 2), five spherical white standup targets are reachable.  And whilst in its top position (level three), three flyaway targets are accessible.

Item description

This is a remarkable example of a physician Who.

+ Playfield is in tremendous form.

+ plays ideal. No errors. As you can realize, is hard to discover one that works ideally.

+ wiped clean and waxed each inch of the playfield surface. All ramps and plastics had been eliminated and wiped clean.

+ Cliffy protector set (3-piece top Playfield that increases and again scoops)

+ cupboard is in a wonderful situation. Little to no fade on one facet. Mild fade on the opposite aspect. Stable structurally with just a few tiny nicks. The cupboard has some indentions to which the legs attach however are blanketed up with brand-new, black cupboard protectors.

+ Plastics are in extraordinary form

+ shiny and clean DMD show

+ Topper is in high-quality form. No cracks and all lighting fixtures and paintings are splendid.

+ Premium LED’s in the backbox and playfield GI (Cool white)

+ top rate non-ghosting LED’s color matched to every insert. This actually makes the inserts pop. It’s a massive distinction from simply placing white leds under each insert.

+ top rate LED flashers established at some point in the whole sport

+ New black cabinet protectors installed

+ New complete rubber kit hooked up all through the machine

+ New pink Titan rubbers hooked up on sling pictures

+ New red and blue Titan submit rubbers on Time Expander

+ New purple super band rubbers on all 3 flippers

+ New balls

+ custom practice cards installed

Dr. Who Pinball gadget. Shopped out, new glass balls, new rubbers, and LEDs. We were shopping out and refurbishing pinball machines for twenty years. We concentrate on locating the nicest pinball machines and refurbishing them to exceptional situations.

Approximately this Pinball system

Health practitioner Who Pinball device comes with transport and installation, it’s far in a complete operating situation and has been serviced to make certain it performs with no errors.

The Physician Who Pinball machine turned into synthetic by way of Bally Halfway, makers of a number of the best pinball machines in history.

This tremendous machine will make an incredible addition to any pinball arcade or series. Players collect all seven docs (this device turned into made in 1992, whilst Sylvester McCoy was the latest doctor) and each affects the guidelines of the playfield differently, making exceptional bonuses less complicated to collect or increasing multipliers, for instance.

Buy Doctor Who Pinball Machine, a Physician who’s a remarkable machine, even though the complicated set of rules affected its recognition. This made it even extra of a collector’s piece, however, and it’s miles incredibly sought-after by many pinball aficionados.

A physician who’s a quick-flowing, exciting pinball recreation in that you need to collect the docs and open the Time Expander, racing to defeat The master, Davros, and the infamous Daleks!


Time Expander: Lock two balls on this time-distorting mini-playfield, repair Earth’s time to regular component 0 by way of lights 15 colored lamps, and begin Multi-Ball to earn Dalek Jackpots and Davros superb Jackpots

W-H-O: entire the W-H-O series to earn hundreds of thousands of greater factors and an additional ball

Playfield Multiplier: construct your score with the looping cliffhanger ramp

TARDIS model: Watch your ball emerge from the doors of The doctor’s trusty time device.

Seven docs: Likenesses of William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy all seem, in addition to Sylvester McCoy and Anthony Ainley’s voices


This health practitioner Who gadget is in notable condition, The playfield is in a surprising situation and plays like a dream.

A few machines we sell are absolutely restored, where we can suit new decals, new playfields, new parts which include ramps, and even improve positive items, which includes the sound additives. Wherein this sort of reconditioning procedure has been undertaken we are able to make it virtually clear that this is the case and the price will reflect the quantity of time taken and fees incurred in this method.

This pinball system has visible some use in its time, although it’s far still in exquisite circumstance considering its age. We purpose, to be honest about the condition of our pinball machines and could now not promote them if we idea they have been in want of further recovery, but the Doctor Who Pinball machine is in an amazing situation for its age.

Pinball desk Measurements:


Peak:     eighty four″

Width:  27″

Depth:  31″

Weight:                118kg

Medical doctor Who Pinball gadget via Bally

A medical doctor who pinball system is for sale, This gadget became released in 1992 based on the television collection. The gameplay offers various incarnations of the medical doctor and everyone changes the rules and scoring of the sport.

Time Streams. Based on the long-running technological know-how fiction display. Buy Doctor Who Pinball Machine, The item of the game is to defeat Davros and his Daleks. Doctor Who capabilities a three-stage raising playfield, multi-ball, ramps, and extremely good callouts and sound effects from the popular British television collection.

We have simply completed a complete refurbishment of this sport which includes the subsequent:

– cabinet sanded down and crammed of imperfections, re-sanded after which new cabinet sideart applied

– New facet rails installed

– cutting-edge WPC Coin door established

– New legs, leg levelers, and leg bolts

– New playfield glass

– score display upgraded with a color liquid crystal display show (colored)

– Playfield tore down and wiped clean and polished. All new rubber earrings and balls. All illumination has been upgraded with top-class non-ghosting LEDs. These appear higher, remain longer, and placed much less strain on the electronic additives of the device as they consume less electricity.

The original backglass translite provides well however does have a few surface scratches across the perimeter, see pix for information. Playfield is in high-quality shape and shows no wear. No damaged plastics or ramps.

All functions of this gadget, consisting of all lamps, switches, and mechanical assemblies were examined and repaired as essential by way of our technician group with over 20+ years of experience working on pinball machines.

If you are seeking out a dazzling-looking health practitioner Who Pinball system, that is the one to very own! You would be hard-pressed to find one an awful lot nicer than this.

This pre-owned pinball system includes our 30-day assurance of the mechanical and electronic components of the system.

Transport techniques

Buy Doctor Who Pinball Machine, We’ve numerous delivery methods to accommodate your desires. Right here is a top-level view of the numerous alternatives and pricing for not-unusual recreation room products. For all techniques, the shipping deal should be on hand to an 18-wheeler freight truck. In case you need a smaller truck, please imply that when you locate an order. Constantly look into all added items. Also, document any harm to us inside the presence of the shipper so that we can take care of the scenario straight away.