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Buy Getaway pinball machine: Williams Getaway pinball system. Simply in. Sport has been shopped out. Recreation has leds, new legs, bolts, balls, and leg levelers. Pix are of the actual sport. If you can see this recreation it is nevertheless in our stock and may be purchased at any time.

Designed by means of Steve Ritchie, The Getaway is the sequel to the break-hit 1986 Pinball gadget, excessive velocity. The Getaway: high speed 2 is the whole lot you cherished about the authentic however cranked as much as eleven!  The Getaway capabilities, pop bumpers, three-ball multi-ball, video mode, relax, and the top-notch feature to this recreation “The exquisite Charger” which propels the pinballs around a loop on the upper again of the playfield at an excessive charge of velocity. The object of THE GETAWAY is to outrun the cops with the aid of advancing your RPMs & shifting gears to boost your speed. Get all the way to fifth gear and you’ll have achieved the Wizard Mode, pink LINE MANIA. GETAWAY functions the hit music “l.  A. Grange” by means of ZZ pinnacle. This sport IS rapid-movement pinball!

This GETAWAY is in tremendous standard circumstance with truly zero suns fade on the cabinet, which is so typical with this identity if it is ever spent whenever close to a window. Playfield has been stripped of all components on the top side and became then thoroughly cleaned and polished to an excessive shine. Brand new rubber jewelry, balls, and lighting fixtures changed. All lamps have been upgraded to awesome top-rate, non-ghosting LEDs.  Those LED’s appear higher, final longer and they positioned less pressure at the electronics of the game as they devour less strength.

This game performs perfectly and changed into serviced through our technician group who have over 25+ mixed years repairing and bulletproofing pinball machines. GETAWAY includes a 30-day restrained elements/labor guarantee.

Optional enhancements

High Definition anti-reflection pinball glass with Conservation Grade UV protection. Aside from its nearly invisible finish, it efficiently blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and out-of-door UV light rays. Suits all fashionable width Pinball video games.

The Getaway: high pace II is one of the four Williams pinball tables released in the first wave of Zen Studios’ Williams pinball collection, to be had in Pinball FX3 and the Williams Pinball cell app. Buy Getaway pinball machine, is a 1992 sequel to the 1986 desk excessive speed, also designed by way of Steve Ritchie, and the usage of a comparable format. This table places the participant within the motive force’s seat as they shift gears, avoid law enforcement and attempt to run the purple light.


There are foremost dreams in this table: beginning Multiball by means of locking 3 balls, and beginning purple Line Mania through maxing out the auto’s rpms.


Multiball may be activated by locking three balls at the left orbit or top loop while the lock is lit, or from Burn Rubber, though that is decided by means of percentage and is unreliable. A glitch within the L-5 code revision used for this endeavor makes it in order that whenever 3 balls are locked inside the ball locker, along with while they’re sent there for jackpots, multiball will begin.

To light the three locks, the player has to hit all 3 traffic mild goals of one color, starting from green and progressing to yellow after which crimson; hits targets now not of the present day color can be not noted. Every color completed will allow one ball to be locked. At the start of the sport, photographs of the ramp or the tunnel saucer will spot a presently unlit site visitor’s light goal. This conduct is disabled on the next Multiball attempts.

As soon as Multiball begins, the three locked balls will enter play through the right lane and the following regulations will take effect:

If the ramp is lit to development closer to qualifying a jackpot / first-rate jackpot, capturing the ramp will cause the ball to loop around the supercharger loop 10 times. As an example, if 30 loops are required to light the following tremendous jackpot, 3 ramp pictures may be required. A couple of balls may be despatched flying across the supercharger loop without delay.

Jackpots are really worth 25 million factors may be gathered by means of first scoring 10 loops at the supercharger, then taking pictures of both the left orbit or higher loop to collect them. 20 loops are required to mild subsequent jackpots. The Handiest One jackpot may be accrued according to multiball activation.

After the jackpot has been accumulated, the awesome jackpot can be lit via scoring 20 loops at the supercharger + 10 loops in line with the outstanding jackpot accumulated, to a most of fifty. The outstanding jackpot price starts offevolved at 50 million points and grow through 25 million factors for the rest of the session for every successive one, to a most of a hundred million factors; but, if crimson Line Mania has been activated, the great Jackpot will begin at whatever price it becomes built as much as all through the wizard mode.

Every time a jackpot or splendid jackpot is scored, the tunnel saucer will light to attain the helicopter bonus (which grows with every bumper hit), starting at 5 million factors and maxing out at 15 million factors.

Completing all sets of site visitors’ mild standup targets during Multiball lighting fixtures a further ball on the tunnel saucer.

If Multiball ends and a jackpot hasn’t been scored, a 20-2d “Getaway Time” hurry-up will start, giving the participant one remaining danger to collect a jackpot at the left orbit / top loop. There may be additionally a slight grace period of approximately 4 seconds for super jackpots lit after the participant drains out of Multiball.

The premium model includes:

4K excessive-decision display screen

7 x LED Flashers *

10 x Flipper, bumper, target solenoids *

Cupboard Rumble Motor *

Three x Nudge sensors (up, left, proper)

High rating Saving (decided on tables best)

The largest trouble with owning a pinball system is that you’re usually caught with one gadget.  When you’ve mastered that gadget you’ll be yearning for greater. Pinball machines don’t come cheap, and they absolutely don’t come small.  Owning all of your preferred pinball machines isn’t possible for most. With a digital Pinball gadget, now you may!

Complete length, virtual Pinball gadget offers a couple of tables at the frenzy of a button. Buy Getaway pinball machine, It’s also a miles greater dependable alternative because it doesn’t comprise all the mechanical components that may fail at any time.


Sturdy huge body and cabinet

Big 1319 tables in a single system

Three screen setup

Forty nine″ LEDs for the playfield

32″ LED for backglass

17″ DMD Video show

Backlit LED buttons

Stereo sound

24 months returned to base assurance

Look and sense:

Photo realistic tables in full HD decision

NVIDIA Pix card for smooth gameplay

Running ball plunger

Wonderful ball mechanics

Game features:

Flippers (three), Pop bumpers (three), 3-bank standup goals (five), Left ramp with a diverter (which diverts the ball both to the Supercharger ball accelerator or to the left habitual), Diverter at the higher right side of the playfield (which diverts the ball either to the proper orbit or to the ball lock on the right side of the playfield), Left outlane kickback, Kick-out hollow (1), 3-ball Multiball, Autoplunger, Video mode, “Supercharger” Magnetic ball accelerator. Tools shift (for launching the ball and for shifting gears throughout foremost gameplay, in addition to the video mode).


Ball Saver: at the start of every ball and multiball mode, the ball store may be active for 10 seconds. It is able to be re-activated off of a random Burn Rubber award.

Kickback: The left outlane is guarded by way of a kickback that is to be had at the start of every session. As soon as it’s been used, the kickback may be reactivated through lighting fixtures up both 1-2-three goal banks, lighting it from a random Burn Rubber award, or by way of beginning red Line Mania. The country of the kickback persists throughout balls.

Burn Rubber Award: at the start of a consultation, and each time equipment has been superior, the player can claim a random award at the tunnel saucer. These consist of:

Points (among three to ten million)

Lighting fixtures a lock

Multiball (started instantly)

RPM (either one shot’s worth or an entire tool’s really worth)

Protecting the bonus & bonus multipliers

Video mode

Lighting fixtures the kickback

Reactivating the ball saver

Spotting the next expressway value

Greater ball

Bonus Multiplier: The bonus multiplier advances through 2x with each a success gear shift. Maxing out at 8x, the bonus multiplier may be held for the next ball once the second one gear has been completed or off of a Burn Rubber award. The cease-of-ball bonus maxes at 9.2 million.

Freeway fee: Rolling over both inland lighting fixtures in the opposite orbit to gather the expressway cost; this could additionally be lit by means of shooting both orbits, followed by means of the identical orbit again to acquire it. The expressway fee begins at 1 million and will increase via 1 million whenever it’s been gathered, maxing out at five million. If the right lane is lit for 2x parkway, the following list left orbit shot will multiply the next limited-access highway value by means of 2x and accumulate 2 parkway advances for the charge of 1. Maxing out the limited-access highway cost lights a further ball.

Speed tens of millions: shooting the tunnel saucer or the top loop lights the higher loop to attain a velocity of millions for eight seconds. Repeatedly capturing the higher loop rankings 1 million points + 1 million in step with successive loop. A successful speed hundreds of thousands shot also counts as an RPM shot if the cutting-edge equipment has no longer been completed. There’s a “loop champion” spot at the excessive score table for whoever makes the largest wide variety of consecutive velocity tens of millions photographs in a game.

Speed Bonus: Making RPM photographs increases the automobile speed, measured in miles in keeping with hour, by a random amount. Shooting the ramp at any time awards 1,000 points times the modern automobile pace.

2-way mixture: taking pictures of the left orbit observed via a reflex shot to the upper loop awards 1 million factors. The two-way combination fee increases with the aid of 1 million points, to a max of 10 million points, on every occasion it has been collected in a recreation.

Supercharger boost: at the beginning of a session, and on every occasion either 1-2-three goal financial institution has been finished, the next shot up the supercharger ramp, when only one ball is in play, will divert it to the supercharger loop, in which it’ll perform 1 revolution per 1 million points of the enhanced price. This price starts at 3 million points and increases via 1 million points according to 1-2-3 target hit to a max of 10 million.

Unique: special can be lit on the outlanes with the aid of taking pictures of the tunnel saucer 8 times in a single sport (or 50 instances if a unique changed into already claimed thru tunnel saucer pictures), and can be awarded immediately from Burn Rubber. Unique awards 10 million factors on this activity.

Extra Balls: Most of the four more balls are available in keeping with a session, with numerous methods to earn one. Some will straight away award the more ball, even as others would require the participant to shoot the tunnel saucer to claim it. The feasible techniques of income or lights extra balls are listed underneath:

Percent-based totally Burn Rubber award (claimed mechanically)

Hitting a percent-based greater ball goal in the course of Video Mode (claimed automatically)

Scoring the most 5 million parkway value for the primary time (claimed at tunnel saucer)

Start pink Line Mania (claimed at tunnel saucer)

Hitting all nine visitors light targets during Multiball, supercharger mode, or purple Line Mania (claimed at tunnel saucer)

Play poorly on the first two balls (claimed at tunnel saucer)

Secret Mania: This hidden mode can be accessed via urgent the gear shifter in three instances if the animation for the second lock indicates 3 police cars in front of Donut Heaven. For 20 seconds, all target hits score 500,000 factors.